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Saturday, February 15, 2003

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I am catonically excited and anxious about blogosphere today, I can hardly think about anything else.
Glitches in the system are so scary...But Noah is successfully audio blogging live on location as we blog. It is so exciting. I just heard Evan on stage talking about creating blogger about 3 1/2 years ago as an intra-office communication tool at a start-up. I feel like I am there too! I love it!

It appears as though there were record numbers of protesters today around the world! and the only picture CNN shows is of tear gas in a crowd. We are peaceful resisters, violence is the exception and it more than likely is not started by any protesters!

Noah first dreamt up audblog at a protest in Dolores Park, and now today on the biggest day of protests around the world--it is unveiled to the world. It is a communication tool for the people to get their stories out as they happen! I will be one of those people tomorrow at the SF march for peace.

Promote Peace
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Powered by audblogaudblog Post
The Blogoroaptrip is on its way....
check the audio posts along the way at

Sign up for audio blogging yourself at
Happy Chinese New Year!
2003: The Year of Ram Lost Among Ewes; AKA the year of the Black Sheep, which I prefer.
SF has the largest CNY celebration outside of Hong Kong.

The notion of a ram in the middle of a flock of ewes, (male in the middle of many females) may appear to some to be a position of good fortune. However, much as this may have some benefit, it also means that this year is a year in which it is easy to be seen, and therefore behaviour must be appropriate if you are not to be noticed for the wrong reasons. It will certainly be a year when inappropriate behaviour will be far more noticeable, and open to challenge.

The direction with which the Ram is associated is not north, south, east or west, but the Chinese fifth direction, (not used in the West) - central. This centrality is perhaps indicative of the Ram's desire for PEACE and tranquillity.

This trait may be exacerbated by the Ram's paradoxically sharp tongue. Rarely used in malice, it is often a result of thoughtlessness. It is wise, therefore, in this year to think carefully about what one says, but equally, to try to see beyond the words people actually use, and to understand the motivation behind what is said. Without taking that extra care, confusion may arise, and this may lead to conflict.

Blogosphere is where it's at tonight--I expect to hear blogs from on the scene on progress, communication and culture...

Friday, February 14, 2003

Happy Valentines Day.
Today my lover had placed a valentines day card on each step of the staircase in our home, as I ascended I was filled with the overwhelming power of love unitl I reached the top, where he was waiting...
He is undeniably the finest thing to me.
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Thursday, February 13, 2003

My school week is over, but I have my first day at my clerkship tomorrow at a fancy schmancy law firm downtown with an attorney who talked about a dog licking his balls during my interview, not the attorney's balls, the dog's balls. There is a debate regarding the appropriateness of this comment.

The tool is unveiled tonight! This weekend is the big weekend. Let's go and revolutionize the revolution!

Dos Huevos, the pigeon who has laid 2 eggs in our flower box outside the kitchen window, is back roosting for the night after adding a few more twigs to her minimalist nest.

Go Noah and Justin!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock the bells and my world!

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

I am sooooo excited about the Tool!!!!!

School is good, off to a slow start so I can ease into the chaos to come.

I'll be attending the SF Peace March on Sunday with my family and friends.
More need to join in the dissent, Thank You France, Germany, Belgium, China, and Russia--keep it coming! Dissent is not unpatriotic! Spread the word.

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