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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Sad news, the USSC has upheld
California's 3 strike law. Yes, it is not cruel or unusual, nor unconstitutional to go to prison for life for stealing golf clubs, or childrens videos from Toy R Us. This decision will lead to even more overcrowding of prisons for petty crimes--in all the states. California has already cut education and increased the prison budget this year. We can count on this continued allocation throughout the nation.
Hmmm, I wonder if there could be a relation between the lack of education and crime?

Other sad news is our pet wild pigeon (Dos Huevos) who laid 2 eggs in the planter box out side the kitchen window, has been sitting diligently on her eggs--is psychotic. The eggs hatched a few days ago and today when she left the nest, we went to peek at the little chickadees and they were not there! She has been diligently sitting on cracked eggs and an otherwise empty nest for a week! It is a mystery! Did she eat them? Did they fall? Did the daddy eat them or some larger bird? The thought we were about to dispel the myth that there are no such things as baby pigeons, because no one has actually seen them--well we haven't either. To date we still have seen no emperical evidence that baby pigeons do indeed exsist.

Monday, March 03, 2003

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The Ito party was a blast. To be in the same room having conversations with all the blogstars
was fantastic. People were moving and shaking and the talk was being talked. It is so exciting to be involved in this movement at this time. I am so excited for Noah, he is an instrumental part of this facilitation of information and communication, he is contributing to the tools to make it happen. The time is now and it is happening.
audio posts from the party.

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