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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Last night I was kept up all night with (night) visions of the captured POW's scared faces. Our media has showed them over and over on the news. Those soldiers are so scared and young, their sweet faces look like they are staring into death. I want nothing more than to support our troops--By bringing them home! and not exposing them the of the horrors of war any longer and not putting them in harms way. The anti-war movement does support the troops. We want them home safe and sound, NOW, I believe anything short of that is not supporting the troops!

I am having a hard time trying to find the relevancy in my daily routines when people are being bombed, murdered, injured and mained by the hour. A sadness has taken over me and I feel powerless to change anything. Talking to like-minded people helps.

I am thoroughly disgusted about the car commercials breaks during the war coverage on TV. It is such a slap in the face. People need to start being embarrassed to drive their big ass fucking gas guzzling cars!

The Global Forecast is Bleak.

Life and Times in the 21 Century



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