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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Exciting news on the audio front: I was on NPR this morning.
Audio Posting got some free press and I got one of my posts aired. Fun.

I am right in the heat of finals. I had Civ Pro II yesterday and it was a doozy. I feel confident about the essay section but that multiple choice –ouch! It seems strange to me that the professor would have so many "D"s in a row as the correct answer on the scantron, and why would all the answers have been "All Of The Above"? Peculiar indeed. Oh well, on the next: Professional Responsibility where I have to decide things like if it is ethical for an attorney to send a potential witness to the Bahamas to live there for a couple of year so they will be beyond the subpoena power of the US. Then the Corporations final on Saturday to try to get a director out of personal liability went he sells his distressed property worth 75K to his corporation for an even million—exciting! and finally ending it all on Monday night for Community Property and determining if the community should be reimbursed for the price of the Iron Lung and if the Person Injury award should be equally divided when the healthy spouse files for divorce in this time of need from the now comatose paraplegic spouse. Who said the law was boring?!

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