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Thursday, June 19, 2003

I had a Spanish speaking lunch with a couple of my law school classmates and it was muy divertido. I need to continually practice my Spanish so it will be easier when Noah and I move to Patzcuaro Mexico when we retire.
Tomorrow I get my client with a housing issue and must try to resolve her situation by the end of the summer session either through negotiations with the landlord or action through the courts. Fun actual legal work.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Yes it has been far too long...this summer program is heinous: classes 9 - 5 monday through friday and 4 hours of study every day. I went to hear an appeal today to watch the courtroom in action and to better prepare me for my oral argument--agh! I am representing the Government, so regardless of the facts of the case my side is pretty sure to win. The case I heard today had all sorts of juicy bits, including dynomite, airplanes, the INS, naturalization, terrorism, expunged records, minors and school pricipals but not necessarily in that order. The Government had some weak lawyers but it seemed like the law was on their side--imagine that--so they will probably prevail.
I am every so interested in the Supreme Court decisions that are due out this week, particuarly the Michigan affirmative action case and the Texas sodomy law case. Even with this conservative Court I am hopful that affirmative action with be upheld and the all sodomy laws will be overturned. Come on O'Connor and the right thing!

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